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Why Choose Us

Saving in import tariffs

Normally, Japan imposes higher import tariffs on certain food raw materials to protect domestic industries. However, the tariff is greatly reduced when premix of a few food raw materials is imported instead. By doing so, stable supply of raw material is guaranteed and customer can enjoy benefit of lowering production cost by paying less tariff.

pef-line product


Easier control for raw material supplier management

Despite the fact that food safety and hygiene are always the top priority, there are various demands for food material’s quality to cater the needs of different countries, markets and consumers. We can import food raw materials from all around the world according to customer’s requirements, and then blend them into a safe and reliable premix raw material after they passed through stringent quality check.

For most of the food manufacturers, they have to conduct quality check on raw materials used individually before production. If they are able to get a safe and reliable premix raw material, it is not only easier to manage the raw material quality and stock, but also omit tedious checking procedures and lowering production cost.

Assure the use of high quality and safe raw material

Our company takes production and management of safe food product seriously. We have been certified by FSSC 22000 and passed AIB GMP inspection with flying color in year 2013. At the same time, we have more than 50 years of experience in providing various premix raw materials to Japan customer who has high expectation. Correspond to this, we have been equipped with comprehensive production technology and quality management system, as well as employees who are well-trained in food safety and process control, which enable us to serve the customers with safe and reliable products.


Trustworthy business partner and competitive product price range

Prioritize customer’s satisfaction is our corporate value. To achieve this, we mobilize our business network to provide the most updated raw material information to customers. By doing so, we can make mutual discussion and continuous improvement from raw material selection to formulation. As a result, we are able to produce high quality and competitive products which take consumer’s welfare into account.

Sound logistics network

Our company is located at transport hub of Southeast Asia – Singapore. It is renowned for its sophisticated legal system and transparent policy, as well as its role to be one of the busiest free ports with advanced logistic system. Due to its ideal geographical location and comprehensive logistics network, we can easily look for and import high quality food raw material from different country in the world, and also deliver our products to customer’s hand in a safe and timely manner.

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