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The Daito Cacao Group Cacao Sourcing Policy

Daito Cacao Group aims to achieve the realization and development of a sustainable society through the promotion of initiatives based on the following policy toward the solution of social and environmental issues that may arise in the Group’s cacao supply chain.

  • We will source cacao that does not involve illegal child labor or the destruction of forests.
  • Cooperating with suppliers in the Group’s cacao supply chain, we will source sustainable cacao and maintain accurate traceability.
  • We will  continuously improve sustainability and traceability in the Group’s cacao supply chain.
  • We will  foster an understanding of sustainable cacao among customers and consumers.
  • We will respond appropriately if any problems arise in the Group’s cacao supply chain.
  • We will report regularly on initiatives with stakeholders in the Group’s cacao supply chain.


We may revise our goals to take account of social and environmental changes, new knowledge, etc.
Daito Cacao Group comprises Daito Cacao Co., Ltd. , T. & C. MANUFACTURING CO. PTE. LTD, PT Indoagri Daitocacao .

The Nisshin OilliO Group Basic procurement policy:

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